Helpful Information

Our main objective at Valley Investment Properties is to be as fair as possible, with a commitment to great customer service.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with things such as the location of the water shut-off valve and breaker box.

Do not put screws or bolts into any ceiling if your unit has ceiling heat. If you hit a wire, you will disable the entire heat system for that room.

We strongly recommend renter's insurance. If a terrible accident happens such as a windstorm pushes a tree through the roof, or the house catches fire and burns down, our owner will get a new house and loss-of-rent payments during construction, but unless you are insured, there is no compensation for your loss of property. Also, while you are in possession of the property, if a vandal breaks a window, you are financially responsible. If you have renter's insurance, you're covered. On average, renter's insurance costs $7-20/month, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Maintenance Emergencies

We are available to help you with after-hour emergencies. Please note that a true emergency is water shooting out of a broken pipe into the house, a broken window or door that prevents you from securing the property, or a collapsing ceiling…not a dripping faucet. If you do leave a message on the after-hours phone, that we deem not of an emergency nature, we will not return the call. You are responsible to then call back during normal business hours to report your maintenance request. If you have a true emergency and have not heard back from a VIP representative within one hour, call again and leave another message. Sometimes with cell phones, messages end up garbled and we may not have been able to understand your message.

Before you call VIP with a problem, see if you can solve the problem yourself. For example, if there are some outlets not working in part of your home, flipping all the breakers off and then on again is often the solution. Sometimes breakers that have tripped look like they are still on which can be confusing, so flip them all the way off and then back on again.

If the water pressure in one of your sinks is suddenly very low, unscrew the aerator at the tip of the faucet and rinse off any debris. Often the screen gets clogged with residue.

If your sink won't drain or is draining slowly, before we call a plumber, see if the clog is at the p-trap. The p-trap is the u-shaped piece at the bottom of the drain. Place a large bowl under the drain line. Unscrew the p-trap at the top and bottom and gently wiggle to remove. Check it for clogs and replace. If that does not solve the problem, then the clog is further down the line and we'll need to send a plumber.

If you suddenly find yourself without hot water, and you have flipped the breaker without success, unscrew the cover plates top and bottom to find the reset button, press it and see if that gets it on again. Sometimes power surges will cause the internal breaker to trip. If it happens repeatedly, let us know, because it will need to be replaced. In other words, if you have to keep pressing the reset button there's a bigger problem.

Please review our PDF document provided on how to winterize your home so that your home is more comfortable to live in and so that you don't end up with cracked or broken pipes or spigots that will be your responsibility to pay to have repaired.

If you have wall heaters (not baseboards) that suddenly stop working, try pressing the reset button. This button is located under the front cover. Simply unscrew the cover and press the button. If you have done this and checked the breakers and they still won't come on, please call us and we'll send an electrician.